Bollywood glams routing out a successful business career

Bollywood stars have recently shown a strong interest in business, using their notoriety and wealth to pursue various commercial endeavors. These celebrities have broadened their horizons beyond the big screen thanks to India's developing startup environment and the country's growing hunger for creative projects. Let's explore the commercial endeavors of five 

Bollywood actors who have achieved success on World Bollywood Day.


1. Shah Rukh Khan: The Baadshah of Business

Known as the "King Khan" or "King of Romance," Shah Rukh Khan is a shrewd businessman and a movie star. As co-chairman of Red Chillies Entertainment, SRK is in charge of a thriving production company that creates high-profile films and innovative visual effects. Aside from movies, he shares ownership of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), an IPL cricket team, alongside actress Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta. In addition, Shah Rukh Khan is a significant investor in the Indian franchise of KidZania, which provides immersive entertainment experiences for kids, and he is part of the "SRK Boulevard" real estate project in Dubai. His wide-ranging holdings highlight his wise decisions in the real estate, sports, and entertainment industries.


2. Twinkle Khanna: From Model to Business Prodigy

The well-known actress Twinkle Khanna made a smooth transition into business, along with her mother, Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle co-owns "The White Window," a custom interior design and candle company that has won awards worldwide, including the Elle Décor International Design Award. Twinkle, well-known for her humor and eloquence, writes frequently and contributes columns to prestigious magazines like DNA and The Times of India. 'Mrs Funny Bones,' her first novel, became successful, solidifying her place in the literary world. In addition, Twinkle has dabbled in digital media with Tweak India, a platform specializing in lifestyle and health content. She is a film producer, overseeing projects under Grazing Goat Pictures.


3. Deepika Padukone: Uniting Style with Finance

Additionally, receiving praise for her acting abilities, Deepika Padukone has achieved great success in the business world. Beyond her success in the movies, Deepika founded her clothing line, "All About You," which has been popular among fashion-conscious customers on Myntra. She recently entered the skincare market with '82E,' advocating for natural solutions over products high in chemicals. Deepika is interested in entrepreneurship and has strategically invested in startups in several industries. She has demonstrated her dedication to innovation and sustainable endeavors by supporting several companies, including BluSmart, a startup that makes electric vehicles; FrontRow, an ed-tech platform; and Epigamia, a well-known Greek yogurt brand. Moreover, Deepika actively promotes mental health awareness through her "Live, Love, Laugh" foundation, which aims to de-stigmatize mental health conditions and offer assistance.


4. Suniel Shetty: Multifaceted Entrepreneur and Former Actor

In addition to his prominent roles in Bollywood, Suniel Shetty is a well-rounded entrepreneur. Suniel began his career as an entrepreneur in his father's restaurant at sixteen. Over time, he expanded his commercial activities. He is now a fitness enthusiast who runs a chain of eateries under the "Mischief" brand and many gyms around India. 'Popcorn Entertainment,' his production company, has made multiple films that have benefited the entertainment industry. In addition, Suniel invests in high-end real estate ventures, mentors health tech firms such as Vieroots Wellness and The Biohacker, and works with Branquila Brand Ventures on brand portfolio management. His endeavors demonstrate his keen business sense and dedication to various industries.


5. Alia Bhatt: Adopting a Sustainable Business Model

Renowned for her adaptable acting abilities, Alia Bhatt has dabbled in sustainable business. 'Ed-a-Mamma,' a children's fashion-focused sustainable clothing brand she founded, just entered into a joint venture with Reliance Retail. Alia has also made undisclosed investments in a unique firm in IIT Kanpur that turns flower waste into eco-friendly items and SuperBottoms, a sustainable baby and parent care brand. Her actions demonstrate a dedication to ethical business practices and ecological living.


Lessons from Bollywood's Entrepreneurial Trailblazers

The entrepreneurial journeys of these Bollywood stars offer valuable insights for aspiring business leaders:

  • Finding Market Gaps: Every celebrity recognized a specific need in the market and used their knowledge to fill it, which helped their businesses succeed.

  • Innovation and Diversification: Innovation is essential to long-term economic success in various industries, including cosmetics, fashion, interior design, and film production.

  • Strategic Investments: Bollywood celebrities make deliberate investments in businesses that share their interests and ideals, supporting industries like sustainability, fashion, and health technology.

  • Impact on the Community: These celebrities' numerous initiatives prioritizing mental health awareness, sustainability, and community empowerment demonstrate their dedication to causes beyond business.


Bollywood's venture into entrepreneurship highlights the endless opportunities that arise when combining notoriety with business ability. As these performers keep breaking new ground, their experiences offer motivational tales for budding business owners hoping to leave a lasting impression in the corporate world and beyond.

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