Introduction:  Today people are very much attracted to traveling. For staying purpose tourists use hotels which are budget-friendly and also provide ideal staying facilities. To provide affordable and luxurious staying experience to tourists, the OYO Group of Hotels started its operation as a hotel chain. The main focus of the OYO Group of Hotels is to make their guests staying experience the most memorable one. Today we will gather some inspirational facts from the CEO and Founder of OYO Group of Hotels and will discuss the secret behind the hotel’s success. So, let’s get going.   


About Ritesh Agarwal: Founder and CEO of OYO Group of Hotels

The founder and CEO of the OYO Group of Hotels and Homes are Mr. Ritesh Agarwal. Mr. Ritesh Agarwal started the hotel group at the age of 19, and now his age is 24 years old, and his name is on the list of the top millionaires of the world. Mr. Ritesh Agarwal, at the age of 17, used to travel a lot and has also stayed in more than 100s of hotels and guest houses. After staying, he felt that the hotel industry needs to be changed because good-quality and budget-friendly hotels are becoming extinct in the market. This need and feeling made Mr. Ritesh Agarwal, the youngest entrepreneur and OYO Group of Hotels and Homes came into the market. 


Most important lessons from Ritesh Agarwal

Mr. Ritesh Agarwal has set an example and taught us some important lessons which may help in building your career. They are:

  1. Learn something by doing it: You should be focused on your goals, and learn whatever helps to achieve your goals by practically doing it.
  2. Follow your passion: Mr. Ritesh Agarwal said that if you follow your passion, you can achieve your dream faster than others.
  3. Create an opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and startups: Getting the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and startups can provide you various kinds of new and innovative ideas.
  4. If you have advantages, use it: If you find any kind of advantages that our society I providing, use it, do something wild and create a career of your choice.
  5. Create a strong network: The most important thing for becoming a successful entrepreneur is to create teams who have the same passion as you.
  6. Always be restless: Once you achieve your goal, don’t take a rest, set higher goals, and try to achieve it.


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So, these are some of the tips Mr. Ritesh Agarwal said, and if you follow it, you can also become a successful entrepreneur like him.


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