Anupam Mittal's Net worth

Who is Anupam Mittal?

Anupam Mittal is the founder of, a leading matchmaking platform in our country. Apart from his entrepreneurial journey, he has been in the limelight for his TV show appearances, like both seasons of Shark Tank India. A lesser-known fact about Anupam Mittal is that he has also acted in two Bollywood films called '99' and 'Flavors.' This 48-year-old businessman has been the talk of the town since his Shark Tank appearance because of his youthful look, fashion sense, and indomitable energy.


Educational Qualification:

This fashionable man in business has completed his schooling in Delhi. After that, he went on to do his graduation from Boston College, Massachusetts. He wanted to pursue higher education. That's why he holds an MBA in operations and strategic management from the same university. Apart from this institutionalized education, he has learned a lot of things during his entrepreneurial journey and on the way to building successful businesses.


Entrepreneurial failures:

Anupam Mittal belongs to a business family. So, he was interested in doing business from the start. He has gone through hardships and failures at different jobs and even two or three start-up ventures before making it huge with After his losses in some businesses, he started working with his father for a couple of years. But that didn't give him the satisfaction, so he quit. Then he got a contract from Europe and worked hard with all the passion he had, but faced losses. When everything was falling and not working out, he decided not to give up and started This venture of his eventually became a household name for matchmaking. Anupam Mittal's journey is highly inspiring. He chose to do something independently while he could have chosen the easier path of joining his Dad's business. But taking that risk gave him a huge return, and he created an iconic company.


How did happen?

Anupam Mittal was working with Microstrategy. When the US stock market was on the verge of collapsing, he quit that company and returned to India. Meanwhile, he was forced by a local matchmaker for his marriage. That's when the idea of creating a virtual matchmaker, breaking the geographical barriers in marriage, came to his mind. Without much thought, he started a website called But to his bad luck, the dot com bubble burst, and many companies went bankrupt in 2001. Although he started the website in 1996-97, he focused on the same only after returning to India in the last quarter of 2001. He also changed the name from to, and that's when he became the founder of


He realised this would be useful for people living outside of their homeland but still want to marry in the same communities. as a platform can break the geographical barriers and match people from two opposite corners of the world. This platform has proven itself as one of the best matchmaking platforms, with a record of 3.5 million successful weddings.


Investing in businesses:

Apart from his own business, he is also an angel investor. He is well-known for his in-depth knowledge of various subjects and interests in innovation and enterprise. He has invested in over 200 companies to date. Some successful ones are Ola Cabs, Big Basket, Trell, Ketto, Porter, DocsApp, etc. Both the seasons of Shark Tank India allowed him to increase these numbers further.


Shark Tank India:

He appeared in both seasons as a judge of Shark Tank India. He invested in a lot of companies. He was in the limelight because of his fashion sense as well. He looked fashionable and youthful in every episode of Shark Tank India.


Net worth:

Anupam Mittal's company,, is worth 15,000 crores, whereas his net worth is around 185 crores.


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Bottom line:

He s a great businessman with successful businesses like and people groups. He has also proved himself an angel investor by helping founders build unicorns like Ola Cabs. As a judge of Shark Tank India, he has also left his marks. His journey inspires every youth who wants to make it big.

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