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E-commerce is one of the most vital marketing industries in today’s world. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the e-commerce industry had a rapid growth. The availability of the internet is one of the reasons that makes the retail website popular these days. It is crucial to have a well-planning for business, marketing skills, and management skills to run a successful e-business.

Many entrepreneurs are considering having e-commerce business opportunities with the excess popularity of online retail sales. One needs great ideas to have a successful business.

The recruitment industry is also growing at a rapid speed. Youngsters are seeking for jobs as soon as they complete their studies or even as an undergraduate. Aasaanjobs is one of those recruitment based startups.



About Aasaanjobs                   

Aasaanjobs is a Mumbai-based startup company founded by Dinesh Goel, Gaurav Toshniwal, and Kunal Jadav who are IIT-alumni. They have earlier worked with few companies such as the Boston Consulting Group, Deutsche Bank, and others.

  • With the help of the candidate’s database, the company provides algorithm filters of two-way matching that help the clients to get the candidate suitable for the job and meet their requirements.
  • The company was generated by the inspiration of an unregulated market, having a significant opportunity in India.
  • The current size of the team of Aasaanjobs is around 150 people. The co-founders’ primary focus is to engage with candidates having a diverse background, their USP has technology-backed solutions, multilingual websites, and more.
  • The platform has location-based filters and a salary bracket for job seekers to make a correct decision while applying for any particular job.
  • Multiple applications have been created in Aassanjobs in the various stakeholders’ hiring processes, and those employees who want to shortlist the candidates efficiently. The recruiters are having several plans to choose a candidate based on their requirements. They tap into Aasaanjobs where they can easily find candidates having verified databases for their recruiting needs.


Overview of the recruitment business

The company has raised over $5 million from Aspada Advisor in the first round of Series A funding. The CEO of Aasaanjobs, Dinesh Goel, will use the fund to automate the online marketplace and to expand it into various cities. In 2016, Aassanjobs had the radar in cities such as Pune, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Dinesh Goel said that this business's ideas were inspired by the Indian blue/grey collar job segment to get massive untapped opportunities.


Tips for Freelancers by the CEO of Aasaanjobs

The CEO & Co-founder Dinesh Goel lists out some highest-paid careers for freelancers as freelancing has become a new career as people are mostly trying to have project based-jobs instead of 9-to-5 jobs.

  • Marketers / Content Writers: When it comes to freelancing, content writing is one of the most popular fields to earn a reasonable sum of money. There has always been a great demand for those writers who can write in a unique pattern that attracts a specific targeted audience.
  • Web Developers: A web developer or a programmer is one of the most popular freelancing jobs available for young web developers. This job requires an understanding for coding and web designing. There are also dozen of tutorials available online to learn coding and web designing.
  • Social Media Managers: People have realized the rising importance of social media and its influence, and the majority hire people to promote their business on social media. Social media managers’ main aim is to manage the social media marketing campaigns and to develop a relevant content topic to reach as many targeted audiences as possible.
  • Graphic Designers: This freelancing job is becoming one of the fastest-growing career options that people are interested in. The graphic designers have to make attractive brands for the customers. Every company requires graphic designers; they are like bread and butter for the company.


Co-founders point of view

The generation of Aassanjobs has a motive to make self-sufficient for the individuals and start something that will impact the market and its share. Since Aassanjobs has been created, it has been actively providing service to 400 clients, including Groffers, Eureka Forbes, ICICI Bank, and more. The platform has approximately 75,000 users registered in it and increasing daily.

The company has been expanded in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane, and is planning to expand to Delhi and Bangalore soon. Dinesh, the CEO of Aasaanjobs, also tells that the employers are not happy with the candidates. Most of the targeted audience doesn’t show up for the interview after applying for the job.


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End Points

Aasaanjobs is looking forward to a few features that include background checking and verification, with a Delhi-based company’s help. The startup is on good terms now, and it will soon be closing its second round of funding.

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