Entrepreneur Update of Ajesh Joy Co-founder of Ghar360

Nowadays, getting a piece of information regarding anything has become much more comfortable with an internet presence. Are you having queries related to anything? You are just a few clicks away from knowing the solutions. The Internet has made the life of a business person easier. Also, you can get startup services solely at your doorstep.

If you are interested to know anything related to property, you will also find it on the Internet. Even if you want to learn to have any information related to property, know it with the Internet's help. Many entrepreneurs are becoming more and more successful day by day with the e-business. The real estate industry is also using several advanced technologies like machine learning and a few power tools.

There was a time when 22% of people used to look for property at newspaper ads, but to a 2018 report, more than 40% of people looked for the property on the Internet.  There are many real estate startups, and Ghar3600 is one of the best startups you’ll find.



About Ghar360

In 2012, the Bangalore-based startup Ghar360 was founded by Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thomas. This Augmented reality platform is cloud-based that enables the users to experience a virtual view or walk of the whole property even before it is constructed with the digital platform's help. You'll be able to confirm your final decor ideas before your house is being built. This is helpful as you can easily customize your dream house with different furniture and decor.

It is a user-friendly interface to comprehend quickly. The app is easily downloadable, and there's no need to download the app before you start planning for your house. The website is easily compatible with any device, and it has developed so that it is highly responsive. A total amount of $20K by TLabs has been raised by the startup.


Co-founders of Ghar360

Ghar360 is a product from the TechZag solutions Pvt. Ltd. Previously, in 2010, the co-founders Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thomas built a startup Intellectual Technology Pvt. Ltd., with the primary focus on technology. In an exclusive interview, Ajesh Joy talked about Ghar360, his fear as an entrepreneur, and how to overcome it. He also discussed creating a likable company and about the ways to compensate other than money.

  • Ajesh mentioned that his greatest fear was about the users, how they react to their products, and their response. He also said that as their product was something new in the company, it was quite doubtful how it would work. Moreover, for the solution, he added that he used to meet several people in the market to communicate and overcome his fear by taking their feedback and suggestions.
  • Ajesh Joy is a holder of an MBA degree in HR and Marketing and has three years of marketing experience. He has done BE in electronics and communication engineering. The other founder of Ghar360, Sanju Thomas, has a computer science engineering degree with five years of experience in cloud and expertise applications.
  • Ajesh also explained that Ghar360 generated as per the calculation of the growing marketing rate. The construction and architectural industry is of $78 billimarket on with a growth rate of 14% per year, and interior design has a market of $32 billion and home renovations of $11 billion market. So, the product generated eyeing on the potential of these industries.


Customers of Ghar360

The business idea focuses on interior designers, builders, brands, real estate, and others as their client. They also have dome top builders as their paying customers and too few interior designers. They have worked with Magic-bricks, 99acres, and more who are leading real estate portals, to name a few companies.

The co-founder of the company also said that they are using technology to solve the problems that are also cost-efficient and faster so that their customers can fulfil the dream of the customer to have their dream house.


Other points on Ghar360

Ghar360 has various distribution channels, including e-commerce websites, and offline stores.

  • Charges are either based on floor plans or premium fees, and the flat which the customer will prefer- 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, etc.
  • Ghar360 charges onetime setup cost for the online retailers with the cost per product and earns an affiliate-based commission on every sale.


End Notes

Ghar360 is one of the top real estate startup generated as a product by Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thomas, eyeing at the Indian market industry's great potential. With a very optimistic outlook, the co-founders are looking forward to the growth of Ghar360. Although the real estate industry is one of the biggest enterprises, this is one of the best startups, and reason for the real estate industry's growth.

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