Instagram is a comparatively new player in the social media space. Many brands have set up, but there is a bucket full of opportunities for the newbies as well.With the increasing demand for Instagram among young users, you can tap into the market at the right moment.

Business Using Instagram

To start your business venture on Instagram, you should create a business account first. You can choose either of the two options-Create a new business account or convert your account into a business account. Choose either of the two methods based on your preferences.
When a person opens your Instagram account, they can see your profile picture, bio, stories, highlights, and your six recent posts.
You should optimize your account. You should make it look professional. Put a professional profile picture portraying your face or your brand. Colorful backgrounds are much help in gaining new followers.

Take Care of the Small Details on Instagram

Your Instagram bio should capture everything in 150 characters. You must strategically use the Instagram bio to describe who you are, the goal of your business, and why people must be concerned. There is no need to attempt to sell or capture customers in every post that you make on Instagram because it will deflect the followers back. Be genuine and casual in the bio section.

Instagram Stories

Stories are a great way to convey your messages. Through stories, you can promote your new posts and attract new visitors. In this attention-deficient world, you just have some seconds to attract their attention and mane them stay. So, you should highlight the message that you want to convey through stories.

Always remember to highlight the important stories. These can be Q/A s as well. The highlight is a great tool to gain new followers for your business.

The most vital feature of Instagram is your posts. They can be IGTV videos, reels, or pictures. You must put in the effort to make the posts aesthetic. You should post more videos and reels as they boost your engagement rate. Instagram is a place for youngsters and influencers who value “the first impression is the last impression.” So, edit your posts well and write engaging captions. Instagram values posts, so you should be consistent in posting. This will drastically increase your visibility.

Always remember that social media platforms are a two-way communication platform. You should try to reply to most of your comments.


Tags are Important

The hashtag is a unique feature on Instagram, which, if strategically used, can generate more leads. Other things which you can do are collaborate with other influencers, regram their posts.

You should analyze your Instagram analytics daily and make changes accordingly to boost your business.

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