How to become famous on YouTube?

Starting with opening a soup can to building a house, you can find tutorials for everything on YouTube. Not just by one person, if you pick a topic there are hundreds of videos of explaining it to you. As a member of the audience, with all the options that are available, you either pick the first one since it is ranked on top with the maximum number of views or you find the one with the most interesting thumbnail. Today let us debunk this mystery and see how you can succeed as a YouTuber.



All aboard!

There are a few basics ideas you need to get on board with a few basics if you are looking to survive and succeed in the trade. Firstly, the content is the king. Never compromise on the quality you are offering your viewers. When you pick your niche, remember that you have a platform where you can talk about your passion and if I am watching your video, I am passionate about it too. So, you need to give me reliable and reasonable information.


Secondly, planning and practice are your best friends. You could be doing well-choreographed internet stunts or reviewing a soup can, the difficulty video has nothing to do with the time you spend working on it before you go live. It is exhausting to find inspiration, create a write-up, and make a video multiple times until you get it right, but all of this would not matter if you skip the editing.  Trim those rough edges and add some sparkle to your videos. The details matter and it is what differentiates professionals from amateurs.


Where do I start?

Like always, start small. Pick up a niche and find inspiration. This is the hardest part, but there is no rushing creativity. Next, put it down on paper. Sketch out a rough idea then slowly develop a step-by-step process of how the video should go. Have an opening statement, a catchphrase, and a closing statement. Invite your audience to comment, subscribe, and like your videos; don’t be shy to do that. Having said that don’t overdo it either. Respond to comments, let people know you read and you care. Lastly and most importantly, don’t let the results snub your creativity.


Now that we have listed the do’s, now let us talk about don’ts. Never steal someone else’s content or post violent content just to get the likes. This will shorten your career online and will make the video the hero, not you. Haters will hate. There are always a bunch of people who will criticize you and try to put you down. Learn to scrutinize if there is any constructive criticism in the comments, if not ignore. It is a long and tedious way to the top, but once you reach there, you will love the view and the views you get.

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