Many entrepreneurs tends to buy a job instead of run a business. By doing this they struggle day after day in their business doing much technical work instead of focusing on business activities that can actually grow the business and make it more profitable in many ways.

Here are some best lessons from the CEO of Cognizant to help you in your business strategy. But, before jumping into some of the best lessons from the CEO Frank D'Souza, let's know a little about him.


A Little About Frank D'Souza :

For a century, Cognizant- one of the biggest Technology Services has witnessed some of the massive changes in technology and the regulatory world. They also keep themselves relevant by being customer-centric. Despite some bumps, the co-founder, former CEO, and Vice Chairman Francisco D'Souza has been able to see marvelous growth in revenue and headcount, with final revenue increasing from $1.43 billion to $16.2 billion and global headcount increasing from 39,000  to 282,000 in 2018.


This Indian American entrepreneur, Frank D'Souza ( born 23rd August 1968) is the son of an Indian Foreign Services officer named Placido D'Souza and Sushila. Due to his father's job, he spent his childhood in more than 11 countries. He went on for his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of East Asia Macau and later a Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.


After his graduation, he joined Dun & Bradstreet as a management associate in 1992. The Cognizant started in 1994 as an in-house project. During this period Frank held many leadership roles at Cognizant. Frank joined the Board of Directors of Cognizant in January 2007. Then in June 2018 he promoted to the Vice-Chairman of the Board.


Besides, serving 25 years as a CEO of a huge company like Cognizant, Frank D'Souza is now a member of the World Economic Forum. Also, he received many precious awards such as The Economic Times Entrepreneur Award (2005), America's Best CEO ( 2009), named among 100 CEO Leaders in STEM (2013), Forbes India's Best CEO( 2014), etc.


Now finally Here Are Some Of The Best Lessons By Frank D'Souza For Any Business :


1. Trust Front Lines

According to the CEO of Cognizant- Frank D'Souza, every company should never develop its strategy or decisions too far from the front lines. Nowadays, there is competition everywhere. So if your goal is to achieve success, never fall into the trap of making any decisions in a conference room. Once in an interview, Frank said that trusting the front lines help Cognizant to achieve it's an incredible success in a very short period.


2. Unity Is The Key

Frank always believes in a team sport where performance matters. He always relies on each other. It is also one of the best lessons because it allows them to pick one up when they fall. Also doing the right thing with each other allows everyone to stay strong and bring the best in the field every day.


3. Morals And Kindness Matter

The world is getting more complicated than ever and societies also seem more divided as well. In this complex situation, Frank always made decisions first and then on the moral principle described in their core values. Doing this allows the whole company to act with a unified purpose. He always trusts kindness and believes in kindness to one another. According to Frank living based on core values matters the most.


4. Choose the Best People

Frank learned this lesson from his long-time friend and colleague Raj Mehta who is an excellent people developer as well. According to him if a company hires smaller people, then the company will become irrelevant rapidly. But if a company hires people who are much bigger than that, then there will be no big barrier that they can't overcome.


5. Future Is The First Priority

Time goes faster than we expect. According to Frank, navigating each wave of scale, technology, and complexity always help the company to embrace the future faster than any competitor. In an interview, Frank D'Souza said to never fear the future and it will be here very quickly. So shaping and planning the future always helps a company to be better than the past.


6. Build Asset to Drive More New Customer

Driving more new customers is the main key to make a business successful. According to Frank, building expertise and assets with arising technologies like AI, RPA, cybersecurity, analytics, hybrid cloud can drive a better and new customer experience, which will be very beneficial for any company.


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Growing a business can be very difficult for some owners. Every business needs creativity, hard-working, and excellent strategy. Every single successful entrepreneurs and leader have endless entrepreneurial lessons to share. But one thing they have all in common is determination and hard work. So, in this article, we have given you some lessons from the CEO of Cognizant Francisco D'Souza that can be extremely beneficial to grow any business. Hope it will be helpful to grow your business.


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