7 Lessons from Jeff Bezos for any Business

1. Being Customer-centric- So, the basic idea is that the business has to be customer friendly and work hard to find what brings a smile on your customer’s face and innovate accordingly.


2. Maintaining frugality- It is seen that sometimes success doesn’t need any particular requirements. A well-observed boycott of luxury can help you to provide your customers with pocket-friendly goods or services.


3. Be a rule maker- Few self-made rules can make a larger difference, it may be radical or outlandish approach but it has the potential to make the most impact.


4. Think for a long run- Do not be scared to employ your decisions, it might be un-familiar at that moment but has the potential to gather future rewards.


5. Be ready to take risks- It is worthy to take risks, you’ll fail half the time but when that idea gains success, it might be huge and bold.


6. Data reveals the truth- Numbers never lie, humans may get it wrong. So, it’s better to consult data before making a call.


7. Stay appetised- The path to success is covered with discontent. Never come to steady or say “I have done enough.” Instead, stay busy in searching for new heights and goals

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