How to make money from youtube?

YouTube is half the Internet: 1.9 billion users connect every month. But at the same time, 500 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute. So, you already know that this article will not be about the ease of buying a Swiss watch with the advertising revenue from your YouTube visits. (However, if you have millions of visits, you could probably rent at least one. Wait, no.)

Making money from YouTube was as easy as downloading great content, earning millions of views, and earning a share of your advertising revenue. Content creators now have access to various ways to monetize their content. In addition to advertising, this may include corporate sponsorship of a major brand, fan financing, or merchandise sales.


Some things to know

  • We won't tell you what you can create on YouTube, but we have a responsibility to do it right for our viewers, creators, and advertisers. By participating in the YouTube Partner Program, you have a chance to earn money through YouTube and therefore we set a higher standard for you.
  • To make sure we're rewarding the right creators, we check your channel before you're accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. We also constantly review channels to ensure that you follow all of our policies and guidelines.


There are 6 Ways to earn money from Youtube are:

  • Become a YouTube partner
  • Sell your own merchandise
  • Create sponsored content
  • Ask your fans to pay you directly
  • Use crowdfunding continuously or ad hoc
  • License your multimedia content


How many visits do you need on YouTube to earn money?

By average industry standards, your video will require approximately half a million views to earn $1,000 in AdSense money. This equates to about $2 per 1,000 visits (CPM). Ofcourse, there is no magic CPM number. It differs depending on the country, the type of ad and the performance of your channel.

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