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Indian people always have an emotional attachment towards their vehicles, especially for their bikes. Most of you might have got your first bike after passing an exam and got it as a reward from your parents. Superbikes are considered a sporty and fast racing bike. This type of bike has a higher engine capacity than any regular cycle, which is 750+ CC. Owning a business has always been hard for the founders, but Ultraviolette Pvt Ltd is doing their job and gaining a good profit with electric vehicles.

Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Ltd is planning to launch its first electric Superbikes in India. The superbikes will be launch in January 2021 for a test drive and will be available in the market in the mid-year of 2021. Ultraviolette Automotive is the first Startup to launch an electric vehicle in India. The company was founded in 2015, a Bangalore-based company that launches electric vehicles in the Indian market.


About Superbikes in India

  • In 2015-16, the price of Lithium batteries started to drop. The idea for launching superbikes was inspired by Elon Musk's Tesla. The company, Elon Musk's Tesla, made their products luxurious and functional, and eco-friendly. Although the startup team was started by building several prototypes with 8 members, it has around 80 members. They had used several business ideas and have benefited from them.
  • If you wonder what Superbikes' benefits are, you must know that there are several modern technologies used to create the superbikes. As the Startup always wanted to create a long-lasting product for India, they couldn’t think of anything other than superbikes. The basic idea for creating this superbike is to take Ultraviolette to the best segment as an automotive tech company.
  • For building the vehicle, the design team and engineering team of Ultraviolette worked together, and later they did the thermal aerodynamic, structural analysis. The vehicle will have an Ultraviolette app with different functionalities, filter, and the user can also make profiles. The app also helps to determine the charging conditions of the vehicle, its performance, and more. There are several regenerative brakes in the motorbike, and you could set the car at different modes.
  • The navigation system is present both in the bike and in the app, and there will be more other technologies by the time it will get launched, which will include CCS charging standards.
  • The on-road price of the vehicle, known as The F77, will be around Rs3 lakhs to Rs 3.5 lakhs.


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Everything to know about Ultraviolette:

We have already seen several big companies always take shortcuts for making their products. They use South Asian or Chinese kits already available in the market. Still, in Ultraviolette, they use every aspect for creating their motorcycle with Indian kits except for the batteries. The electric vehicle industry is a growing industry, and Ultraviolette builds electric vehicles or two-wheelers for India's urban environment.


The team has also decided to make a strong team on building batteries. Several people with experience in different industries were selected, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. This team's primary focus is to check whether the vehicles could withstand both mechanical and electronic perspectives of Indian conditions.


Investors of Ultraviolette Pvt Ltd:

Ultraviolette automotive private Limited has two recent investors on B funding. The company has recently received Rs 30 crore from its investor TVS Motors, an Indian bike company. The other investor of the company is GoFrugal Technologies. GoFrugal technologies' headquarter is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and there are almost 500 members in the company. GoFrugal Technologies are in the Information Technology and Services industry. The company has also received a fair amount, which is still undisclosed during the latest investment round.


Both TVS Motors and Gofrungal Technologies have been long-time investors of Ultraviolette from the Series A funding. TVS Motors is a well-known multinational company in India which has the headquarter in Chennai. The company has shown its trust towards EV startup Ultraviolette by funding Rs 30 crore. This was the second investment of TVS towards Ultraviolette. Earlier, the amount was Rs 5 crore, and the company's 14.87 percent stake was in exchange for the funding back in 2017.


The founder of Ultraviolette claimed that after announcing the idea of the F77, it took less than a year that they achieved significant aim and support for the production of F77 ready.


Wrapping Up

The Startup Ultraviolette will soon be launching the first electric superbike in India with a made in India approach. The founders of Ultraviolette announced that the Startup is in a segment of motorbike and high-end bike. It is the right approach by the Ultraviolette automotive private Limited to launch an electric superbike which is manufacturing at present in Bangalore. You'll get an all-new riding experience, high-performance handling, and control with the new Ultraviolette F77.

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