Want to be an Entrepreneur?

When you look up the word ‘entrepreneur’ in a dictionary, it says that it is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Simple, no complications, right? But, fortunately, or unfortunately, this does not begin to cover the life story of a person who decides to take up the herculean task of building a company from scratch and finding his footing in the market. If you are looking to join the long line of people who shed their sweat and blood to earn the title, here is how you get started!




This question is simple and to the point. What do you want to do? This is where you take the inspiration that hits you and turns it into a concrete idea. Find out your niche and take it from there.



Now that the lightning bolt of idea reached your head, it is time to think about why you actually want to do it. People think being their own boss or not having a 9 - 5 schedule is easy. That is where you go terribly wrong. If you are your boss, it means you have to do your boss’s work and your work too. Since there is no one to push you, appreciate you, or give you feedback, you need to do it all by yourself. Prepare yourself for all of it before you take it up.



An idea is the hardest to come by. Once it does, it is an earworm that does not leave. Hold yourself back and remember that timing is crucial. Great ideas introduced before their time withered and died and old ideas in modern times never say the light of the day. Strike when the iron is hot, wait if you have to. Also, make sure you’re financially capable of taking on the daunting task. If there is no money to pump into the company, find funding, and have a nest egg to rely on at all points of time.



Just like the timing, location is a crucial factor to keep in mind, never settle for a less ideal location if you can help it. If it is a service sector, find an office. Though working from home seems to be an alluring option, a desk and chair away from your comfort zone can drastically change how your brain functions. Be it a coffee shop with internet or shared office space, any place that requires you to sit up and has fewer distractions is a God’s gift to you at this point.


Final Verdict:

Now that you are equipped with the basic tools, find out how you are going to bring your idea alive and keep kindling the fire in you. Prepare yourself for the long haul and don’t be afraid to dream big.

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