10 Lessons From Satya Nadella For Any Business

Satya Nadella: He (Satya Narayana Nadella) was born on 19th august 1967 and is of 53 years of age and was born in Hyderabad, India. He left everything and came to the U.S. as a young electrical graduate and soon achieved great success. He is an Indian-American business executive who was the executive vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group who ran the company’s computing platforms and is now the third and current Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. He succeeded Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates and is now the owner of a net worth of $320 million according to CNBC.


Satya Nadella has great business skills and entrepreneurship and leadership qualities that made him reach this point in life. He has always been an inspiration for kids over the world with his great beliefs and teachings that he gives to everyone about business and life. He has got such manners and lessons of life from his mother and father who continuously pushed him towards success and motivated him.


Some of the great lessons of Satya Nadella for improving and sustaining in any business that will help you greatly in the future are:


1. Be Passionate:

His first lesson is to be passionate enough to keep innovating new ideas in any situation be it good or bad and always have cordial relations with your competitor so that you never lose miss out on something. You must follow your dream religiously and try every possible way to achieve them without losing focus.


2. Never Forget Your Team:

He says that you must always work with your team and give an equal chance to everyone. It develops a sense of understanding and respect among each other, and people see you as a leader who can manage everything easily. You must always work with people and be with people to lead them ad gain respect.


3. Always Plan First:

He says that you must always plan before starting anything to know what to do and how to do it. Make plans that people find interesting and useful, and follow you with trust. Nadella can be a real-life example who has achieved massive success with perfect planning.


4. Expect The Unexpected:

Nadella says that you can face any situation in life and business so you must be prepared for all and face them with calmness. He was highly qualified, but he never forgets the small lessons that he learned while doing business and in life because that made him reach a position where he is now by facing situations and learning from it so that he does not get stuck in the same problem twice.


5. Take Risk:

It is one of the most important principles of Nadella. He believed that one must never fear Risk and be ready to face the consequences. Nadella’s whole Microsoft career was a risk that eventually paid off later. Like in the 2016 acquisition with LinkedIn he took Risk, as Microsoft was totally out of the social media market, so he tried to change it and implemented $26 billion takeovers of the service, which now operates as the largest professional social media platform. So he proved that by taking Risk, you open yourself to more significant achievements and rewards sooner or later.


6. Always Be Ready to Start Fresh:

One must never give up on his dreams and work as hard as you until you succeed, if you fail do not lose hope and never fear to start again because a winner always looks forward not backward. Nadella shows the importance of believing in one’s dream and not limiting it by being the CEO of Microsoft in less than three decades.


7. Always look upon your competitors:

Your competitors help you polish your strengths and know what new you have to do to get ahead of them. For this, you must keep learning, reading, and growing so that you do not lack behind in any way possible. Nadella always thought one step ahead of their competitors that made him reach a level where he is now.


8. Everything Is Possible:

Nadella’s life journey is a great example that shows everything is possible. He was born in a place where he did not get much education as there was very less scope that made him leave his hometown with his degree and attend the University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he learned Master of Science in Computer Science and that eventually opened the door for Nadella to enter Microsoft. So he never gave hope and showed that strong will and determination could make everything possible.


9. Keep Innovating:

Nadella always believes that one must always keep moving forward with new techniques and innovations and never stuck in one place. People had no idea what “cloud computing” meant until Nadella joined Microsoft and tried to invent and let people learn something new and different. He always thought about what will happen 5 to 10 years down the line and reinvented himself that led him to win.


10. Be Competitive And Achieve Big:

With his outstanding efforts and techniques, he always tried to compete with everything that came his way and achieved tremendous success. He said work hard, dream big, and achieve big. All these three things helped him reach heights and motivate him to get high too and achieve great everything.





Satya Narayana Nadella was always the best choice that Microsoft could have, and his life journey has always taught peoples to move forward in life by facing all difficulties so that you never lose. You can follow his principles to grow in your business and use it in your life and business.

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