Startup update– Bounce E-Vehicles

The electric scooter hires and shares startup Bounce, adding 4000 more electronic scooters to the chain by February 2021. The increment in scooter count will benefit the chain with more available vehicles for hire for the customers. The scooter startup has its headquarters in Bengaluru and operates mainly from the state itself. The company also points out that more than 50 percent of its vehicles are electric to lower its carbon footprint. The company is also putting effort into making its bikes in the house to reduce sharing the vehicles.


Company's effort with EVs

The company's profits in house vehicles can also aid the company in more efficient vehicle sharing. People who want to share their scooters with the electric vehicle company can earn without doing much. Electronic vehicles are much cheaper to operate compared to petrol or diesel operation vehicles. The catch 22 situation from COVID has led to gas prices going up but people not wanting to pay the higher price. Electronic vehicles are very efficient in a case such as COVID and lower the carbon footprint, making the environment better.

The company is also looking forward to partnerships with equipment manufacturers to establish a steady supply chain. The partnerships will help Bounce to find its footing with in-house electronic vehicle production. The company wants to lead the micro-mobility market with clean, affordable, and readily available options. One of Bounce's unique business ideas was the electronic vehicle company Ampere Electric after they brought 3000 Ampere e-scooters. Ampere has specially optimized the scooters for Bounce's business.



Bounce selling bicycles and scooters

Bounce started selling their bicycles and fuel operated scooters and announced that they are moving on to electronic vehicles. The Bengaluru based startup put 1500 bikes for sale at just rupees 800 each. The bounce did acknowledge the realization that bicycles are only suitable for short trips. The business ideas to shut down the bicycles sector but still let it be available on the app quickly. Five hundred fuel operational scooters were also in sale during the same time by Bounce.

The company CEO also noticed something interesting about the modern-day internet environment—the CEO posted on Twitter how he noticed that anything could go viral from the WhatsApp group. Twitter had many rumors surfacing about Bounce shutting down in response to its enormous number of bicycles put on sales. The bikes also come with a disinfectant coating, which lasts for about three months. The scooters also have a health card that notifies the buyer of when the scooter was last sanitized.

The company also collaborated with the Bengaluru Police to help disinfect the service vehicles of the police department. The anti-microbial solution was beneficial at the beginning of the COVID-19 days, with the disease on the full rise for a long time. The condition now has several vaccines available to counter the effects and help patients survive. The fear has somehow died down, but the disease still lurks at the corners if people are not careful.


Bounce and Ampere

In November of 2020, Bounce ordered 3000 electric scooters from Ampere. This action was the establishment of the company's partnership with Ampere. The business sees an increment in the demand for e-scooters because of the pandemic making the fuel prices sky-high. Both Bounce and Ampere want to make convenient and safe travel available for everyone during challenging pandemic times.

Ampere is supplying electric scooters in over 200 cities and towns in India and is still rapidly expanding. The company has provided Bounce with many optimized scooters, which give the best efficiency in the mobile travel market. Ampere has an outstanding portfolio with their scooters, great commercial machines that travel reasonable distances with less electricity.

Ampere has its focus on cutting down the carbon footprint efficiently left by vehicles. The business-to-business perception of sustainable travel options is getting Ampere in front of all major automobile competitors. Ampere's scooters are great for people who are looking for small travel solutions. You will not require a bicycle for paddling during hot Indian summers if you need to go just a few hundred meters away. The batteries are also very long-lasting and easy to maintain. Electronic scooters also do not require a lot of maintenance, with many lubrication oils and engines breaking. Electrical circuits produce a lot less heat compared to fuel and diesel engines in power-driven scooters.


In conclusion

Bounce is turning out to be an excellent mobile travel company with business ideas towards the use of electronic vehicles. Electronic vehicles are very efficient in critical times, such as a pandemic looming over the head. The pandemic has created a catch 22 situation with fuel prices and public transportation. People refrain from traveling in crowded busses with many people when prices are already high because of the fear of contracting COVID.

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