Top Lessons from Sundar Pichai for any Business

Top Lessons from Sundar Pichai for any Business


10th August 2015 was a proud moment for the Indian community when Sundar Pichai was announced as the CEO of Google as a part of the restructuring process that made Alphabet Inc, into Google’s parent company. He took over the position on October 2, 2015. Pichai Sundararajan is also known as Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu India on July 22, 1972.


He had to spend his early life in a two-room apartment in Chennai. Belonging to a lower-middle-class family. He had to face a lot of hardships in his early phase of life. His parents made a lot of sacrifices so that he could get a proper education. He attained a degree in metallurgical engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He began his career as a materials engineer and then joined Google in 2004. With hard work and passion, he now stands as the 8th richest CEO in the world. So here are some of the valuable lessons that we can attain from Sundar Pichai.


Think about What's Next

A big step towards becoming successful is planning for the future. From a perspective, it is true for technology, in particular, that the world keeps changing so a big part of what we should focus on at any given time is making sure that we are discovering, innovating, and designing products for the future. We should constantly be thinking about what to do next. Sunday Pichai always thought about stuff like virtual reality or augmented reality. So you should always focus on doing that to push forward. These innovations will revolutionize the future of technology.


Ideas Matter

Sundar Pichai got his first phone which in his case was a rotary phone at the age of 12. So he used to do all kinds of stuff like dialing his friends, messing around with it, and sometimes took it apart. That phone solidified his fascination with technology. Reading about the invention of the transistor at Bell He used to read about the invention of the transistor at the Bell Labs and think It's the idea that matters. It doesn't matter where you come from or what your background is, one revolutionary idea or one thoughtful innovation can unleash other entrepreneurs to revolutionize industries in ways you could never predict. One should be optimistic about how his/her idea can make a difference.


Empower People

Sundar Pichai wants to not just build technology for certain segments but also help their employees in growing by valuing their opinions and also appreciating their work and helping them in discovering their strong areas. Listening to others and making personal communications give the employees a sense of security and they can work in a more diligent approach. A leader is one who must be able to empower their employee. This, in turn, creates a better working environment along with a boosted morale. This can only be possible through cooperation. A leader should always stay optimistic and make sure his team stays the same.


Take Risks

Sundar Pichai believes that one will have many opportunities to reinvent yourself, so it's worthwhile taking risks for something that is your passion no matter how many times you fail you should strive for that objective because it is bound to be successful in the long run. Even if you fail in your startup, it shouldn't be the end of the line. Failures can be worn like a badge of honor. Culturally, Risk is rewarded. When he started working at Google he observed that if people were discussing ideas, the other people who heard the ideas tried to build on them. So it's a culture of optimism and risk-taking and that's important.


Follow your dreams

People choose a varied number of paths. Each person has a separate dream. So it's important to follow your dream and do something that excites you. You should be passionate about what you do and this will impact a lot of people. It doesn't matter which field you are in but you should continue striving towards your goal. Although it is risky and a difficult pursuit but you should be willing to risk everything to become what you aspire to be.


Push Yourself

You have to work with people you are insecure with which means you are working with people that are better than you. Working comfortably and not doing something or pushing yourself won't feel rewarding. While working in a group you have to question yourself if you are doing good enough. That's an inherent part of learning. You have no time to let doubt, failure, or negative thoughts get the better of you.


Keep learning and observing

Learning from others is one of the greatest qualities possessed by any CEO. Keeping this in mind, Sundar Pichai has always displayed to be a keen observer learning from his mistakes and also doing his absolute best to fix them.


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Sundar Pichai with his dedication and never quitting attitude has set a prime example for us to follow. There's a lot that can be learned from his life and his leadership skills. His humble attitude and approach make him a role model followed and admired by many across the globe.

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