Which social media platform is best for your career?

Social media is no more used just for fun. It has become an essential part of one's daily life for communication or getting any works done from personal to personal life. Social media enables you to come across the latest ideas and craze. It helps you to build a deeper connection with your friends and families. Social media also enables you to enhance know and grow your career in depth.



The hype of these platforms has addicted millions of people to them. Also, these platforms are harmful, your activities, and are used as a weapon against you. So the more carefully you use these platforms, the safer you are.


Among all the social platforms LinkedIn is one of the best and serious platforms for improving your career. LinkedIn is a huge platform with about 500 million members, that can be essentially used as a professional network. You will come across many people regularly who know LinkedIn but it is difficult to find people who use it. Most people take LinkedIn for granted and start using the platform just when they are in the panic of getting a job. It's too late then and your success rates also reduce. You can learn better when you relaxed and have no urgency for a job. LinkedIn should be used mainly for career management and not for finding jobs.


Features that make LinkedIn the best social media platform for a career are:


1. Expands your reach

LinkedIn serves as a medium for connecting you with reputed professionals in your field.  They help you in finding the right expert in your industry and the key to increase your reach is to know your people and let your people know you. Your resume and contents should show off your field of expertise regularly. You must provide information about your past experiences and your goals for bringing out a clear image of yourself.


2. Job search

An individual widely uses LinkedIn for finding jobs. It keeps you informed about job vacancies, desired companies, and people. You must spend time on this platform to know in detail about the job vacancies or to increase your reach. Take time in building a proper connection, work in smart ways: sharing information about yourself on a large scale can only give you false hopes instead spend time building legitimate connections.


3. To be noted

LinkedIn offers both paid or free versions, you may opt for the free version if you are trying out new options. But if you are serious about job hunting their premium version comes at $22.99/month which can be worth paying once you achieve your goals.


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