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Psychological well-being is similarly as significant as an individual's physical well-being, which can't be ignored as this progressing COVID-19 pandemic negatively affects our lives.


However, emotional wellness is never spoken about, hidden behind disgrace, ignorance, or carelessness, and it can harm individuals' existence. Notwithstanding, Wysa - an application - is attempting to help facilitate individuals' psychological well-being.


Wysa is an AI ((artificial intelligence) Chatbot made to address psychological wellness concerns. This inventive plan to empower psychological wellness government assistance in the nation came from Jo Aggarwal in 2015. The chatbots are planned by mentors, clients, AI specialists, and advisors to guarantee a successful and sound insight.


Henceforth, Wysa was begun with a mission to offer practical help for psychological well-being across the world. The survivors started the app because they understood the need for a safe place and needed to assemble something that could be gotten to by any individual who required a listening ear.



The model is made to reduce friction and overcome stigma, increment gets to, and give early mediation at scale. Our services provide early intervention high-chance gatherings through 3 techniques:

  • An AI Chabot
  • A library of proof-based self-improvement instruments
  • Informing based help from a professional and expert group of therapists


How it comes into existence

Established by Indian business person Jo Aggarwal, Wysa has been dealing with building up an artificial intelligence chatbot model that centers around accommodating viewpoints, for example, sympathy. One of the critical zones where it is working is revolved around encouraging the AI model how to respond to feelings, consequently offering emotional well-being help to those who need it.

The 'Sleep stories' application decided the best application of 2020 on the Google Play Store is a differentiated contribution by Aggarwal's startup, which utilizes the equivalent chatbot to encourage sleep. For some, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused different issues as we experienced broad way of life changes. For example, an application can subsequently help change the texture of thought around overseeing rest and related rest problems. These lines support its situation as being granted as the best Android application of 2020.



That is passed on through three services in a 'pyramid' of care service, using a freemium model. At the base of this pyramid, Wysa, as an AI chatbot, offers critical capacity building and resources for people who can't deal with the expense of paying for services. More than 95% of our customers use this free help."

For customers who need additional help, the Wysa Coach Service offers admittance to prepared advisors. Here, Wysa Coaches offer content informing based assistance through 5-8 gatherings for every month, notwithstanding unlimited journaling support where customers can leave an order for their Coach and get a response at an alternate time."


Will I feel associated with my advisor?

It is often challenging to go into a treatment room or share about ourselves with an advisor unexpectedly. An unknown stage permits us to pick what we need to share and how we need to share it. It frequently decreases the feeling of being overpowered or scared that a few people may provide insight in beginning helpful work.


Outfitting the force of AI and ML

The chatbot tackles AI's force to understand the inconveniences looked at by the client and help in causing them to feel better in the best manner.

Jo clarifies, "The AI conversational specialist furnishes intelligent tuning in with guided self-improvement methods in a protected, unknown space, which can be gotten to 24X7 for free. Wysa utilizes proof-based procedures like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is recommended and endorsed by proficient counselors at Wysa for use in a self-improvement setting, and by our logical advisory board containing driving psychological wellness experts from around the planet."

This mixed help model of combining AI visit with human counselors is remarkable around the world. It considers mass customization, where even essential services are custom-made to people dependent on their preference and offered throughout the hours. Yet, it tends to be assembled utilizing vital clinical contribution to consider conveyance of an exclusive expectation, a uniform degree of care."


Is Wysa effective?

Wysa is particularly useful for groups who are in great danger. It has been appeared to fundamentally decrease the side effects of depression, stress, and uneasiness. Individuals from more than 30 nations across the world and all age groups talk with Wysa. Our current client base is 1.3 million or more, developing quickly, and over 23,000 extraordinary client audits, developing at 40% quarterly.


Finishing 1,000,000 intellectual rebuilding practices in a year

Wysa has been liable for aiding individuals on its foundation complete 1,000,000 intellectual rebuilding practices that too reasonably. As indicated by Jo, "This is an effort equivalent to the yield of at any rate 2000 full-time advisors."

The idea of Wysa's work is her most significant wellspring of fulfillment, "The way that we're helping such countless individuals. Likewise, the way that we've assembled a top-notch item, that is presently discovering appropriation with complex accomplices across the world."


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