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Each cloud has a silver covering. We've all heard that deep-rooted pearl of intelligence; however, it sounded accurate for Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Savaari Car Rentals. After enduring one of those overwhelming vehicle misfortunes for which India has acquired a reputation, Aggarwal prompted to turn into a problem solver - and of travel.

In 2006 while arranging a significant distance trip from Mumbai to Delhi and Roorkee, Aggarwal decided to lease a vehicle; to his disappointment, there were no alternatives for doing as such. With this unpleasant experience, he understood that individuals need a dependable vehicle rental service accessible all day, every day and give the client a clean, completely functional vehicle operated by an experienced, gracious driver. 



After diving further into the issue and analyzing India's vehicle rental dilemma, Aggarwal, before long, found a gross absence of principles and quality assurance in the area. 
While Western organizations' establishments had set up their quality, they were catering to a specialty portion. That demonstrated a boon to Aggarwal, as it gave him a lot of space and chance to make Savaari Car Rentals with an underlying investment of Rs 55,000. He is eying toward an unorganized area, assessed as Rs 12,500 crore overwhelmed by mother and pop administrators.



Gaurav Aggarwal has a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has gone through ten years working for a networking organization in the Bay region. He had been associated with switch improvement. He says working in an incredibly complex climate empowered him to plan a customized and adaptable backend for Savaari without any preparation. The family foundation of two ages in the vehicle business likewise caused him to develop the business and service model.


Car rental market in India and captured by Savaari

With prospering potential, 97% of the area is unorganized. Tragically coordinated players comprise just 3%, with a turnover of 550-600 crore and around 6,000 vehicles in their portfolio in this 30,000 crore industry. Nonetheless, the business has been seeing a light development of about 35-50% in the most recent two years, and the entry of worldwide players is probably going to acquire more activity. 

A more significant part of the Indian vehicle rental industry works on the Aggregator model, which implies that these organizations don't claim a vehicle straightforwardly however have a relationship with merchants who are the vehicle owners. That causes the organization to decrease its capital use. These organizations generally depend on the current administrators' fleet and welcome them ready for appropriate preparation to convey consistent help. 
They charge administration premium from the perfect quality clients who wouldn't mind paying for flawless help and enabling a more significant part of small owners or business visionaries. 
While the corporate and the travel industry sections are the quickest developing, the luxury rental segment is expected to create. As time passes, as the travel space will grow, the client will search for a friendly, secure, and reliable service.


Marketing strategy follow apart from your competitor's

We have been doing business for around ten years now, and we understand the market quite well. We are available in 60 urban communities across India with a presence in all significant level 2 and level 3 cities. 
The best marketing strategy that differentiates us from our competitors is that we consistently focus on our customers. Our website has a direct car booking measure, and our Android application allows us to control the delivery plans. This approach has paid off as we have seen triple-digit development in both our corporate and retail organizations.

Most significant user base and targeted cities

The most significant client base for us has been Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. We are now present in 60 cities and have been seeing new cities from Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Chandigarh, among Tier 2 urban communities. 
As of now, we have no plans of extending our business any further. We do plan to enter also into the cities as of now. We already have a presence. We are proceeding to focus on quality and extending our range through more local transporter within towns and plans to be India's most prominent car rental organization in the following five years.


Challenges in Business

We have consistently accepted that there are capable individuals in more small cities. That is the reason our client support is situated in Moradabad and Dehradun individually. Likewise, building the correct culture to deal with employees' expectations is a significant part of retaining ability. The assumptions one has from workers when the organization is five-individuals strong are different compared to a 100-individuals strong organization. At the point when you are only five individuals, everybody is relied upon to do everything. As you develop, you need specialist persons to focus on particular areas.


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Mr. Aggrawal received the Star young entrepreneur award at the 6th Indira International Innovation submit in Pune. Co-founders Manik Shah, Mohit Khanna, and Rahul Khanna also win innovative and client support for Savaari.

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